Smart Living Secure

Security Management System

Intrusion systems detects movements or any similar activities for entering a protected space by sensing events such as the opening and closing of doors/windows, breaking of glass panes and human movement. Appropriate sensors are used to monitor these events. All such sensors are connected to a controller which forms the brain of the whole home automation system. The controller can send alerts/messages to integrated tablets and smart phones when there is an attempt of intrusion. Further, the controller has a built in hooter which can trigger loud alarms in the event of an attempt to intrusion.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is used to monitor, record events in a designated location and retrieve the same as and when required. CCTV enhances the security of the home owner who will also be able to see the events remotely using a tablet or smart phone.

Safety Management System

Likelihood of occurrence of fire in a household or industrial environment can be avoided by taking appropriate precautions. One of the main causes of fire in a household is due to the leakage in the LPG cylinders. By installing suitable sensors for detecting the gas leakage can alert the home owner/servants and enable them to take necessary actions to stop the leakage.

Entrance Management System

Digital Door Locks is the smartest way to know what’s happening at your door-step.The integrated camera, mic, and speaker, let you see who is at the door, talk to the person, and let him in.