Smart Living Lifestyle

Multi Room Audio

Multi room audio systems enable home owners to listen to their favorite audio everywhere around the house and also in the garden. A multi room audio system can deliver music from one central source (media server) or from distributed sources (such as iPods that can feed music in various rooms). Since each person in the house is going to have his or her own tastes and preferences, a multi room audio system will be able to deliver different sources simultaneously to different rooms. Conversely, when you’re entertaining or just as you’re moving around your house, you might want your system to be playing the same synchronized source to every zone in the house.

Home Theaters

Bring all your entertainment gadgets – TV, DVD player, projector, speakers, etc. – under a single touchinterface.

RGB Mood Lighting

Instantly colour your home to suit your mood. Transform your living room into a party hall for friends or have flashing lights excite you during a breath-taking cricket game.

Lighting Automation

Adjust the light intensity as required for work / study, to watch a movie or to relax with a glass of your finest with less power consumption. The LED Dimmer and Driver is an embedded device that provides the dimming option to the LED dimmer, through a wireless connection to the server.The lighting system which is integrated with the controller can provide enhanced security of automated lighting of specific parts of a houses during night time.
The home owners can pre-pogramme the controller to switch on the light during a specific time or remotely control the lighting in a house when they are not at home. The clients can remotely switch on the light using the phone or tablet from anywhere in the home or while they are on vacation.

Smart Device Management

Control your TV, microwave, curtains, entrance doors, etc., at the touch of a button.We give you the luxury of opening or closing the curtains from the comfort of your bed or desk. Be in control of the sunshine and breeze in your home.