Smart Living Care

SmartLiving Care grants independence to people who are at risk for injuries and accidents that happen at home, especially those require elderly care and child monitoring. By using different sensors and mobile technology our system can monitor all the activities of loved ones and provide the information and alerts to whole group of care members according to it’s custom configuration.

The families can share the care taking responsibilities between siblings, children, trusted friends, paid professionals and neighbours using a mobile app.

  • Alerts the parents when the kids are back from school
  • Remotely monitor the kids
  • Know when someone gets up from bed, or if they failed to get up by a pre-determined time
  • Be aware if someone is waking up often during the night and going to the bathroom
  • Has someone gone into the bathroom, and not come out for a long period… a potential slip & fall?
  • Are they moving around, or just staying in one place
  • Remotely monitor temperature sensor to ensure the heat or AC is set correctly